The team is the flesh and blood of our success. We develop constantly thanks to each one of our experienced experts – engineers, architects, designers, and technical specialists who do not stop upgrading their qualification, following the latest trends, studying the modern materials, and meeting each new challenge with endless enthusiasm, energy and attention to each client and each detail.

Dimo Iliev


Grud Iliev

Managing partner

Anna Karagyozova

Senior architect, partner

Dimitrinka Dimitrova

Senior structural engineer, partner

Dobrinka Tsocheva


Plamen Vasilev

Architect, industrial properties

Lyuba Marinova

Civil engineer, project manager

Peter Alexandrov

Construction team leader

Magdalina Dosheva

Architect, residential properties

Iliyan Bodurov

Technical manager

George Iliev

Leader "AnnoZero" team

Gergana Shtereva


Radosveta Avramova

специалист ПТО

Emil Milkov

Engineer, "AnnoZero" design

Elitsa Marinopolska

Architect, residential

Jivko Popov

Structural engineer

Mariya Atanasova

Technical manager

Chavdar Chenkov

Architect, residential

Gabriela Ilieva-Nuneva

Architect, residential

Jacquelinne Bankova-Sarakyan

Junior architect, interior design

Stoyan Ivanov

Structural engineer

Daniela Kuneva

Structural engineer

Hristo Karapeev

"AnnoZero", photo editor

Lachezar Kirov

Technical manager

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