How do we create our architecture? Cabano Architecture Studio
How do we create our architecture? Cabano Architecture Studio
How do we create our architecture? Cabano Architecture Studio

How do we create our architecture? Cabano Architecture Studio

It is difficult to go 'quickly' through the long process of planning and constructing of an architectural project. Each project is individual and depends on the specific property and the client.

What is really important for us as an architectural and design studio is to become better professionals in our work. Because of our commitment to this goal, our team cares about every detail in the projects and closely monitors every process.

Cabano's work goes through several stages. First of all, of course, is the documentation, after which we prepare a draft plan to reflect the needs of the investor, the specifics of the property and of the site.

An important stage of our work is the visual layout, which shows the client the final result of our efforts. To accomplish this, the Cabano architects team pays special attention to the 3D visualisation of their buildings.

21st century and the new technologies give us the opportunity to explore and present our architecture in new ways. Not only through imagination and 2D drawings, which can sometimes be difficult for the client to follow, but with photorealistic 3D images, the qualities of which make our architectural bureau one of the undisputed leaders in the field.

At all design stages, our architects and designers use 3D media such as geometric volumes, on which we often apply the first strokes by hand. Based on manual sketches, we produce so-called 'clay' renderings of our buildings. Using these, we examine the angles from which the building will be visible to the human eye, the way it will fit in the environment, the volumes involved, and the light. Then our team selects the best photos, which we turn into great photorealistic footage for our clients.

The textures used are specially-selected realistic samples of the building materials we recommend to our investors. When we have the final 3D computer images approved, they are manually processed by an artist, who literally 'draws' the beautiful scene and the story in which they will be placed.

Such small details are a vital part of our work as architects. Last, but not least. We, at Cabano, maintain a personal approach for each of our clients. We will listen to you, guide and help you to clearly identify each aspect of the project in order to solve the problem in the most appropriate way, but also according to the rules that our specialists know in detail.

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