Our latest work - Avenue Park

It is so rewarding when you can stand proudly behind your work. We are extremely happy to present to you the results of our team's 6-months’ hard work: Avenue Park - a closed type residential complex. It includes a hotel, a spa centre, one outdoor and one indoor swimming pool, residential flats, together with service premises: an underground car (...повече)

Chavdar Chenkov: Architects are mediators between the investors' wishes, the legislation requirements, and their own sense of comfort and aesthetics

Architect Chavdar Chankov has been part of the Cabano architecture design studio since the beginning of 2017. He obtained his degree from the Sofia University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, and then went to work in Belgium. However, two years later he decided to return to Burgas, his home town, where he came upon Cabano and started to work for them. (...повече)

How do we create our architecture? Cabano Architecture Studio

It is difficult to go 'quickly' through the long process of planning and constructing of an architectural project. Each project is individual and depends on the specific property and the client. What is really important for us as an architectural and design studio is to become (...повече)

Here is how we designed a residential building in the Slaveykov Residential district of Burgas.

We would like to show you another building designed entirely by our team of professionals. The building has a building permit and is located in sq. 15 on the plan of the Slaveykov Residential district, Burgas. The total built-up area is over 4,600 sq.m., with seven residential floors, and parking provided entirely by a designed underground car park and an (...повече)

Dipl. Eng. Grud Iliev, Cabano OOD: It is important for the team to work together, sharing success and failure equally.

Grud Iliev is 33 years old. He has a Bachelor's degree in Electronic engineering (2002-2007), then graduated without a degree from the Faculty of Geodesy of the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in the period 2007-2012. Grud has been working for Cabano since 2007. He went through a wide (...повече)

Mixed-use building in the Meden Rudnik residential district, Burgas.

Our new project, including the complete design of a mixed-use building with an underground garage, is located in zone 'A' of the Meden Rudnik residential district, Burgas. The building is expected to be completed in the summer of 2018. There are 9 public premises planned for this building: industrial goods stores, fast-food (...повече)

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