Through our exclusive brand, AnnoZero, we offer boutique solutions for interior design. Challenged by the individual characteristics of each assignment, our designers create spaces led by the following motto: 'We combine work with pleasure, pleasure with innovation, and innovation with development.' Our ideas lie in modernity, both in technical solutions and in the use of new materials and ways of implementation. We believe that workspaces need to be developed independently, according to the inner world of our clients, which we need to know well in order to guide them properly through the organizational activities maze - normative rules, construction requirements, functional needs, choice of materials and furniture design, in order to achieve an end product that will bring peace and satisfaction.

  • "Island"
    Interior design of a Mediterranean-style restaurant as part of the complete design of Block No. 8 in the Perla Residential complex, Burgas.
  • "Fallout"
    Interior design for a flat in Burgas in a modern-industrial style with predominantly concrete, wood and metal. Complete design and execution, 2016.
  • "AnnoZero" office
    'The Slippers Office' - designed by and for our exclusive Brand AnnoZero and built by Cabano on the ground floor on a main pedestrian street in Burgas. Fully designed to make the office a second home for you; to make you feel like playing a game of chess or reading a couple of pages of a favourite book while taking a break.
  • Electics
    Interior design by our exclusive AnnoZero brand of a three-room flat in a 1908 building in the old centre of Burgas. Eclectics. Design and execution, 2017.
  • "Cote d'Azur"
    Interior design of the premises in a mixed-use, multifunctional building by our AnnoZero brand: an entrance hall, a lobby, a restaurant, a SPA centre, and an apartment interior - Burgas, 2015.
  • "Proportion"
    Competitive offer from our exclusive AnnoZero brand for the interior design of a boutique hotel room, for the National PRO Portia (PROPortion) Competition, 2016.
  • AVENUE 2 - Reception
    An interior design for the lobby of a newly-built hotel in Burgas, 2017.
  • House Nessebar
    Interior design for a house in the town of Nesebar by our exclusive AnnoZero brand, 2016.

Conceptual design

We learn what our client wants. We consider all the factors - in terms of the type of residents in the building and the latest trends in interior design and comfort. We present several appropriate layouts for the site together with conceptual 3D visualizations to help you get an idea of the combination of colours and materials.

Work project

We develop projects on all parts necessary for the overall completion of the works - architectural, electrical, water supply and sewerage, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, etc., to specify all the details and to facilitate the construction and assembly work carried out under them. You get a rich set of documents and a large number of photorealistic images.

Furniture production

Cabano provides the design, manufacturing and delivery of high quality furniture of different type and purpose, in line with the latest trends in the furniture industry. Every piece of furniture will be manufactured according to a preliminarily-provided visual design.

Author's supervision

For an agreed fee, you can rely on our designers' author's supervision to ensure that your chosen contractor carries out the construction and installation work assigned to them precisely as planned. Although supervision is often overlooked, it is one of the most important elements in our work.


When project and construction go hand-in-hand, you get a finished product without worry or tension. Our experience guarantees the seamless completion of the end product, exactly as specified in the design solution. We take care of everything for you: purchasing materials, furniture, equipment and completing the overall repair work.

Personal approach

Last but not least. We maintain our personal approach for each of our clients. We will listen to you, guide and help you to clearly identify each detail to solve the problem in the most appropriate way, but also according to the rules that our specialists know in detail.

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