Since it was founded in 1992, Cabano has built and renovated more than 100,000 sq.m. of high-level construction work sites. We have repaired more than 30 bridges, part of the Bulgarian road network, and we have developed over 15,000 sq.m. of public areas. The Company has highly-qualified technical, economic and administrative teams who monitor the whole process, and we also have the necessary technical equipment for the construction of residential and mixed-use buildings and for all the repair and finishing works.

  • BSM
    Цялостно проектиране на сервизна база с административна част в кв. 43, по плана на ПЗ "Север", гр. Бургас. Сградата е свободностояща, със смесена конструкция - стоманобетонни колони върху бетонови основи и стоманени ригели за покривната конструкция. Външните стени се предвиждат от стенни панели тип "сандвич". Административната част на сградата се състои от четири етажа, в които са организирани офиси, битовки, санитарни възли. В сервизната част е разположено сервизно хале, с портален кран с товароподемност 20 тона. Проектите са предадени на инвеститора през м. Февруари 2019 г., като се очаква строителството на сградата да започне през пролетта на 2019 г.
  • "Fishland", a fish market
    Complete design of storage and refrigeration facilities for storage of fish and fishery products and installation of a photovoltaic power plant on the roofs, in the 'Dvanadesette' area, Burgas. It is a single-storey construction with a total built-up area of over 5,700 sq.m. Four large refrigeration storage rooms with a ramp for lorries are located in the store-refrigeration part, and there are packaging premises with a shock freezing chamber, seven offices for servicing the small chambers, staff rooms for the personnel, storage rooms and others. The administrative area consists of two floors containing offices, a meeting room, a kitchenette, sanitary facilities and a commercial department. A photovoltaic plant was installed on roofs and sheds above the parking lot, with 2,530 photovoltaic panels with a total power output of more than 500 KWp. All projects were prepared and approved by us and submitted for Building permit in May 2013. The building was built and commissioned in 2015.
  • "Eltrak", dealer and service
    A showroom and service centre of ELTRAK-Bulgaria. A complete design in 2015. The building has a total built-up area of 1,176 sq.m., consisting of a commercial hall, offices, storage premises, a service area, a car wash and technical premises. The construction is of reinforced concrete and the outer walls are clad with aluminium panels with thermal insulation and structural glazing. The construction will begin in the autumn of 2017 and the building will be commissioned in 2018.
  • Meat Factory
    Complete design of a meat and meat products production enterprise in Regulated land plot No. I-517, sq. 43, in the Industrial and Logistics Park area - Burgas. The building consists of production and administrative areas, with a total built-up area of 835 sq.m. The documentation was approved by the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency, all the necessary technological facilities were provided, there is access and a WC for people with disabilities, according to the legal requirements. The construction is metal and the surrounding walls of the premises are made of 'sandwich' panels with a polyurethane heat-insulating layer. The construction will begin in the autumn of 2017 and the building will be commissioned in 2018.
  • "Morato Furniture" workshop
    Extension of furniture production premises for Morato Furniture in the 'Verigite' area, Burgas, complete design 2017. The project is for an extension of the existing production area and for a covered area for a diesel generator and equipment. The newly-designed building is one-storey, with a total built-up area of 1,060 sq.m. It consists of assembly, packing and edging rooms as well as offices and a boiler room. The finishing works on the façades are provided with profiled metal sheets, PVC window frames and mosaic plaster.
  • "Motor Vision"
    Architectural design and designs of all engineering parts, including document coordination, 2011. The site was commissioned in 2012. There are photos of the already-completed building, which consists of service bays, a car wash, an office, a café and an MOT centre.
  • ГТП "ЕМИ"
    Цялостно проектиране на пункт за ГТП, авторемонтно хале и пристройка на магазин за авточасти към съществуващ автосервиз в УПИ IX-17, кв. 3, ПЗ "Север", гр. Бургас. Проектът предвижда изграждане на три нови в УПИ обекта, с обща РЗП около 920 кв.м. Изготвени са проекти по всички части - Архитектурна, СК, ЕЛ, ВиК, ЕЕ, ОВК, ПБЗ, ПБ, Геология, Геодезия, ПУСО, които са предадени на инвеститора в края на м. юли, 2019 г.
  • "BMW" dealer and service
    A complete design of an Auto centre with a showroom and storage premises for Bova Car EOOD, the official representative of BMW for Burgas. According to an effective Detailed development plan and the Regulation and construction plan, a building with a height of cornice up to 21.00 m is planned in the property, assigned for a car centre with a showroom and storage premises. The building consists of an underground part and two overground floors, with a total built-up area of 4,300 sq.m. The architectural design was based on the latest trends in BMW's corporate design, each detail in compliance with the specific requirements of the company. The building consists of an underground part with car storage premises and a car wash, 1st floor with a commercial hall, service premises, storage rooms and others, and 2nd floor, where offices are located. The architectural design and the designs on all engineering parts were prepared and approved at the beginning of 2014, after which a building permit was issued, and the building was commissioned in the autumn of 2015.

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