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The name of the company, CABANO, comes from the Spanish word 'Cabaña', which is usually used for small straw-roofed houses, 'built' mostly in warm countries. For more than 25 years now, we have been designing, building and renovating better and stronger buildings than the Cabaña we started at the dawn of the private design and construction sector. The large number of residential, public and infrastructure sites that we have designed and/or constructed oblige us to keep our team throughout the years in order to maintain the high level of work which our clients are used to receiving from us. We strive to keep up with the latest trends and ever-increasing demand for our work, and we are happy to hear any new idea or concept.

When we opened, in 1992, our main activity was design and interior insulation using the materials of THORO, Belgium. In 1994, we began construction and renovation of buildings. By 1996, we were already repairing, renovating and hydroinsulating parts of the Bulgarian road network - bridges, fly-overs and other. In 1998, we began designing and executing a number of parks and swimming pools, and we introduced stamped concrete into our work for various sites, in and out of Burgas.

Cabano have highly-qualified teams for the whole investment process, from the change of designation of the land plot to the interior and exterior design and the actual construction of the site. To get some idea about the quality of our projects, their design and execution, you can see the different categories of activities of our company: construction, planning, geodesy, design, insulation, and change of designation of agricultural land.


инж. Груд Илиев

управляващ съдружник

инж. Димо Илиев

съосновател, отдел строителство

арх. Анна Карагьозова

съдружник, водещ проектант

инж. Димитринка Димитрова

съдружник, водещ проектант

Добринка Цочева

оперативен счетоводител

арх. Пламен Василев

проектант, индустриални сгради

инж. Люба Маринова

проектант, мениджър проекти

инж. Петър Александров

директор строителство

арх. Магдалина Дошева

проектант, жилищни и смесени сгради

Георги Илиев

проектант, интериорен дизайн

Гергана Щерева

експерт административни дейности

инж. Емил Милков

екстериорен дизайн и визуализация

арх. Елица Маринополска

проектант, жилищни и смесени сгради

инж. Живко Попов

проектант, строителни конструкции

арх. Чавдар Ченков

проектант, жилищни и смесени сгради

арх. Габриела Илиева-Нунева

проектант, жилищни и смесени сгради

арх. Жаклин Банкова-Саракян

проектант, интериорен дизайн

Стоян Иванов

проектант, строителни конструкции

инж. Даниела Кунева

проектант, строителни конструкции

Христо Карапеев

фото и видеообработка

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